What You Need To Know: Printer Cartridge

A _*printer cartridge*_ is a replaceable part of printer that contains the ink necessary for printing. There are inkjet printer cartridges and laser printer cartridges available, depending on the printer you have. An inkjet printer cartridge works with ink, whereas a laser printer cartridge works with toner. There are different makes of cartridges on the market, and the one you need will depend on the make and model of your printer, for example a canon printer cartridge works with a canon printer. Click on the link for more information on “printer cartridges”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/articles/39-printer-cartridges.

The type of printer you choose to use will depend on your needs. For example, businesses usually use laser printers, as toner lasts longer and is more economical for large-scale printing.
Laser printing is also necessary for the printing on certain types of paper, for example very glossy paper. There are also special printers designed for printing photos.

The Prices Involved

Printer cartridge prices are usually not cheap. How often you need to buy a new printer cartridge depends on how often it is used, as well as how long it is left to stand without being used. As printer cartridges are expensive to buy, printer cartridge refill options are available. Cartridge refills can be done for black or colour cartridges.

Printer manufacturers sell their printers at lower prices and raise the price of their cartridges, as that’s where they make their profit back. Therefore, another alternative is to purchase a generic _*printer cartridge*_, that is the same quality as the original but without the brand name (and therefore cheaper).

Recycling Old Cartridges

You can do your bit for the environment by recycling old cartridges. To recycle a cartridge is not the same as remanufacturing, although it is a form of recycling. A remanufacturer is someone who takes old cartridges, repairs them, refills them and sells them as remanufactured cartridges. This is done to reduce the amount of old cartridges that end up in the waste, as well as create a cheaper alternative to buying new cartridges to the price-conscious consumer.

The Cartridge Specialists

Cartridge is a leading supplier in the cartridge industry. We refill cartridges, are very reasonably priced and stock all main brands (including HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother and Epson). We also stock high quality generic brands (that are compatible with leading brand printers) for the price-conscious. Whatever cartridge you need to buy, we can offer you the perfect _*printer cartridge*_ solution.

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