Printer Cartridges

Everybody who does any amount of printing at all, whether in the home, or in the office, knows that _*printer cartridges*_ are a crucial piece of the printing equipment. And they also know that printer cartridges form a substantial part of the cost involved in printing.

A printer cartridge, as most people know these days, is the detachable unit inside the printer which contains a reservoir of ink, which inkjet printers spray onto the paper during the process of printing.

Printer ink cartridges are usually available in either plain black ink, or in composite cartridges which contain partitions for each of the 3 colours which, combined, can produce any colour desired. Most printers cartridges have separate black and 3 colour ink cartridges, although some printers, particularly laser printers which use toner, have one cartridge for each colour.

Printer Ink Cartridge Options

A wide range of options exist when it comes to printer cartridges. Although each printer manufacturer provides the supplier with cartridges specifically intended for use in their model of printer, many generic cartridges are available, often at a lower price than the original cartridges.

In addition, many suppliers recycle empty printer cartridges, which they refill with ink. This is often referred to as the remanufacture of cartridges. Recycling printer cartridges can be done by private individuals as well, although the quality of the ink may be questionable, and can reduce the efficiency of the printer.

Printer cartridge refill is also often offered as a service by suppliers, and this allows users to buy printer cartridges for a lower price than original, new cartridges are sold for.

Canon printer cartridges, Lexmark printer cartridges, Samsung printer cartridges and HP printer cartridges are all examples of cartridges for which recycled, remanufactured or generic printer cartridges are available.

On the whole, manufacturers discourage the refilling or re-using of printer cartridges, however a supply of these is commonly available from almost any cartridge shop.

Compatible Printer Cartridges

As well as the various options mentioned above, which usually make use of an original printer cartridge, different types of generic cartridges are also available. These are printer cartridges which, although not made by the printer manufacturer, are nonetheless compatible with a wide variety of printers.

Using generic cartridges however may impact the quality or longevity of your printing, and manufacturers naturally advise that users not purchase these alternative cartridges.

In the end, it is up to each person to decide what _*printer cartridges*_ they’ll purchase, depending on their needs, and their budget. Original printer cartridges have their advantages, but the prohibitive cost of these cartridges often make alternates like refilled, recycled or remanufactured printer cartridges a more attractive option.

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