The Toner Cartridge

A _*Toner cartridge*_ is used in laser printers (for example the HP Laserjet), photocopiers and fax machines, eliminating the need for ink. Toner is a black or coloured powder, which forms the printed text or images on paper. A black and white laser printer would need a black toner cartridge, whereas a coloured laser printer would use a coloured toner cartridge (with colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). Photocopier toners are also available, which are obviously for use in photocopiers.

The Benefits of Laser Printers And Toner Cartridges

The main benefit of using laser printers over inkjet printers is that laser printers reduce printing costs and use less ink. They also print faster, and have better text detail. They are best for businesses (who do a lot of printing) and the occasional home user (as, when they haven’t been used for a while, inkjet printers need to be cleaned, which wastes ink).

To save money, generic toner cartridges are also available for purchase (these are just as good as the originals, but a manufacturer will lower the price of the printer to get an initial sale, and then raise the price of the cartridges to cover his profits). Click on the link to read more about “compatible or generic printer cartridges.
In addition to these benefits, should you wish to, toner cartridges are easy to refill, once empty, using a do-it-yourself kit. However, it is recommend that your first attempt be outside, as it can get messy!

Recycling Toner Cartridges

The eco-friendly way to get rid of your old printer/toner cartridge is to recycle them. Recycling will reduce the amount of plastic and waste that ends up in dumps. A remanufacturer can remanufacture cartridges up to six times, and most remanufacturers will guarantee that they will work as well as brand new laser toner cartridges, some even claim that the remanufactured ones will last longer and work better. Toner cartridge recycling is a great way to make a difference in terms of reducing waste, and saves costs as you don’t need to purchase a replacement. Click on the link for information on “replacing your toner cartridge”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/articles/37-replacing-your-toner-cartridge.

Where To Get Your Toner Cartridges

Cartridge is a leading, quality specialist and supplier in the cartridge industry. We can offer you a genuine toner cartridge for original brands (for example an Epson, Brother, Canon or Samsung toner cartridge). Should you want to save money, we can supply you with a _*toner cartridge*_ refill and in the purchasing of generic laser toner cartridges that is compatible with your laser printer.

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