Replacing Ink Cartridges

One of the most common aspects of printing at home or in your business is the replacement of your printers _*ink cartridges*_. The ink cartridge is the only replaceable part of ink jet printers, and contains both the ink, and sometimes the print head itself, which spreads the ink on the paper.

The actual design of the _*ink cartridges*_ depends on the manufacturer, but in general inkjet printers contain both a black ink cartridge, and a colour ink cartridge. Often the cartridge also contains a microchip which interfaces with the printer, instructing it when the cartridge ink is running low.

Types of Ink Cartridges

Most types of commercial ink cartridges use a thermal inkjet. Canon ink cartridges, HP ink cartridges, and Lexmark ink cartridges are all examples of the thermal inkjet. In this design, the ink reservoir contains a small heating element, which vaporises the ink inside the nozzle, and sprays it out onto the paper.

In contrast, Epson ink cartridges contain a piezoelectric crystal, which changes shape as a current is applied, allowing a measured amount of ink to be sprayed onto the paper.

The design and electronic differences between different types of ink cartridges manufactured by various companies usually mean that cross compatible ink cartridges are not made by the makers of printers. Printer ink cartridges therefore must usually be specifically intended for the make of printer that you need to use them in.

However, compatible ink cartridges can be obtained through 3rd party vendors, other than the printer manufacturer.

Refilling Ink Cartridges

Due to the overhead cost associated with replacing ink cartridges, there is a demand for alternative methods as well. One of the most common of these is the ink cartridge refill, where bulk purchased ink is obtained from ink cartridge suppliers, and then used to refill ink cartridges. Several manufacturers oppose this method for obvious reasons, and attempt to enforce the purchase of their genuine cartridges.

Some third party manufacturers sell cartridges that are designed to be refilled, while some suppliers employ recycling procedures, “re-manufacturing” empty ink cartridges and selling them again as a new product. (These should be marked “re-manufactured” though.)

According to some independent reports however, refilled cartridges are often an inferior product, and that while the price may be lower, the quality of the printing is likewise lower.

Some cartridges, like those manufactured by Brother, are easier to fill than others, and some cannot be refilled at all due to inbuilt counters which prevent operation after ink levels drop below certain levels.

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