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Used in one of the most popular brands of printer, *_Lexmark cartridges_* are generally available in two variations, colour *_Lexmark cartridges_* and the plain black cartridge. Like many types of printer that uses a single cartridge to contain all the colours a printer uses, the colour Lexmark cartridge contains reservoirs of cyan, magenta and yellow inks, while the black ink is provided by a separate cartridge.

All Lexmark ink cartridges are 100% full, ensuring value for money when choosing original Lexmark printer cartridges, and in general, users should be able to get over 500 pages of full colour printing from their Lexmark printer cartridge.

Genuine Lexmark Cartridges

When you’re looking for a supplier of cartridges for Lexmark printers, bear in mind that the company enforces a “single-use” policy on Lexmark toner cartridges of all types, effectively prohibiting the re-use or re-filling of a Lexmark ink cartridge.

As a result, it’s important to be sure that the shop you find offers genuine, unused replacement Lexmark inkjet cartridges.

Compatible cartridges are also sometimes available to buy, however it’s possible that a compatible product will not contain the same amount, or quality, of toner as the original, and a reduced price may also be a reduced print quality or quantity.

Order Lexmark Cartridges Online

Our innovative catalogue allows you to compare, order and buy ink cartridges for any model of Lexmark printer, from inkjet to laser jet, while online from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking for replacement ink cartridges for your Lexmark printer, all you have to do is follow the link to our “Lexmark cartridges catalogue”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/cartridges/lexmark, and select or search for your model. Not only can you order and pay online, but our delivery service will bring your cartridges right to your door.

Whatever make and model you’re looking for, Cartridge.co.za has *_Lexmark cartridges_* of all types, for some of the best prices available.

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