Samsung Cartridge Replacement

Samsung manufactures a wide range of fax machines, copiers and printers, which require a _*Samsung cartridge*_ in order to refill the ink or toner. A Samsung cartridge comes in any one of a number of forms, depending on the equipment that requires it.

Although many Samsung printer cartridges are compatible with different models of printer, it’s important to make sure of a few things when selecting your _*Samsung cartridge*_.

A Genuine Samsung Cartridge

Many shops these days sells generic or fake printer cartridges. Although these seem to offer a good price, the simple fact is that they do not provide either the quality or the longevity of a genuine Samsung cartridge. You can always spot an original Samsung cartridge by their embossed, holographic label, which changes from red-gold to blue depending on the angle of view.

Samsung Cartridge Compatibility

Although, as was mentioned before, many Samsung cartridges are compatible across models, it should go without saying that this depends on the model. At Cartridge, our product listings show which models are compatible with which of the cartridges we supply, making it easy for you to find out if you’re choosing the right Samsung cartridge to buy for your needs.

It should be equally obvious that compatibility is dependent on the type of machine for which you would like to replace the cartridge. Samsung toner cartridges, for example, can only be used printers which use toner, and similarly, a Samsung laser cartridge can only be used in laser printers which are compatible with those cartridges.

Samsung Cartridges

The Samsung ink cartridge is available in both colour and black versions, for inkjet and laser printers, as well as for the colour copier. Fax cartridges are available in black ink. Please note however that the type of cartridge will differ between machines, and a Samsung printer cartridge will not operate in a Samsung fax machine. When it comes to the toner cartridge, Samsung offers a wide range for their toner printers, each of which may be compatible with several models. Make sure you check with your Samsung cartridge supplier, to ensure that you purchase a compatible cartridge for your printer, fax machine or copier.

We recommend that, once your Samsung cartridge is empty, you return it to your dealer for safe, environmentally friendly recycling.

For more information about the Samsung cartridge, visit our “Samsung cartridge page”:/cartridges/samsung, and find the best one for your printer, copier or fax.

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