Laser Cartridges, the Best Option for Precise Printing Work

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*Laser cartridges are the best option for giving the best printing quality and precise printing work. *Laser cartridges* are available for the majority of printers such as *Epson, Cannon, Packard, MIRC, HP* and so forth. The picture quality is sharp and more life-like.

There are many original, compatible, recyclable and remanufactured toner cartridges, laser cartridge refills, laser jet cartridges, laser printer cartridges that have different printer models and gives different printing quality. One can browse online for all your printing solutions. Colour *laser jet* cartridges are also available in many models. One can get discounted priced laser toners, lower priced ones can also be found online. China is also a large market place for these cartridges but to get the best quality verified suppliers should be contacted.

A *laser toner cartridge* is better than an *inkjet cartridge* as it is faster and the print quality is better. A laser toner cartridge can print many more documents per minute than an inkjet model which is slower in performance.

The reason for this is due to the fusing process which bonds the laser printer directly on the paper. This advanced printing technique gives the embossed feel to the paper. These toner printers should be used with care, otherwise smudging takes place and paper and toner is wasted.

There are different types of paper that will give best results on *laser toners*. A rough surfaced paper does not give good results on laser toner cartridges.

The cost of using refilled laser cartridges

It is important to only buy cartridges from a company that has experience in cartridge refill technology. Whether the cartridge is a generic or recycled, it should be made with premium grade inks, toners and replacement parts. Products made to these specifications are of the highest quality, consistently made and are backed by support and service.

There is no downside to using refiiled cartridges, only benefits. Not only will these cartridges save you money, but will save the environment as well as a plastic cartridge takes about 400 years to decompose.

The savings will depend on which printer you own. As a rule of thumb, you can expect refills to be about 50% of the cost of a new cartridge.

The quality test

High performance inks that have the same chemical and physical properties as the original inks should be used. To ensure that a high standard is kept, the supplier should continuously strive to source inks that are as close as possible to the originally manufactured product. The ink should be specially formulated for each printer type and there are different inks for almost every cartridge. The supplier should use inks that have cleaning agents that prevent the printhead clogging.

A recycled laser cartridge is not inferior to a new cartridge. In fact, there should be no difference in print quality. The same as with ink refills, the manufacturer should only use the best toner which should be specifically designed for each laser cartridge that is available on the market. The extensive quality and testing procedures, even before the cartridge leaves the premises, ensures the best print quality.

Over and above this, there should be no change in quality using inks that are specially formulated to be used in printers.

The variable of how many times a cartridge can be refilled is dependent upon the type of the cartridge and how well it is looked after.

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