Why Lexmark Cartridges?

In the highly competitive printer consumables market, the edge belongs to the products that have been specifically designed for the task. Using genuine Lexmark products, ensures a longer life, cleaner print, and guaranteed performance from your Lexmark branded hardware. The Lexmark printer cartridge range encompasses a wide variety of speciality products, each manufactured to fulfil a specific need. From the Lexmark 28, through the Lexmark 34, the f4270, e120, x2600, x2650, x3650 and the x5495, our products are designed to guarantee optimum performance from your hardware, and the best possible print results.

In addition to your inkjet needs, Lexmark cartridges also bridge the gap between a number of associated printing needs, and OEM products. The range is designed to include a number of laser toners, such as x2650 designed for use in the Lexmark f4270 laser printer.
Lexmark Cartridges

Lexmark Genuine Products

Lexmark genuine products have been manufactured for specific use in the Lexmark range of products, from inkjet and laser printers, to faxes machines and the associated consumable products, the Lexmark range has been manufactured to the highest industry standards to deliver accuracy, efficiently, and the best possible print quality at an affordable price. In conjunction, Lexmark ink cartridges have been designed and manufactured to the highest levels of quality, in order to ensure the best possible combination of cost efficiency, and print yield across a wide variety of specifications, from inkjet, to laser toner, to plain paper fax consumables. By always using genuine Lexmark consumables in your Lexmark products you ensure the longest life for your hardware, the most consistent print performance, and the highest levels of protection across all moving parts.

Lexmark Cartridges

The best products for use in your Lexmark printer are genuine Lexmark print cartridges. These consumables have been produced to the stringent specifications laid down by Lexmark industries to ensure that the highest standards of delivery are met and that all your print and Lexmark print cartridge needs are easily accessible to you.

Dealer Network

Our comprehensive dealer network, and impeccable backup, ensure that no matter where you are, or what your needs may be, Lexmark branded OEM products are always close at hand, and easily available to you. Our commitment to you, the customer, and our dedication to this premiere range of print products, will ensure your complete satisfaction across the entire range of Lexmark print products. From hardware, to hardware support, and all your consumable needs, the Lexmark range of products will efficiently deliver on all your needs and keep your productivity flowing.

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We provide the full range of laser and inkjet cartridges for all makes of printers. We deliver throughout South Africa. More popular brands include:

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