What is an Ink Cartridge

A cartridge in this specific instance is for a printer, copier or fax machine. If you don’t have a cartridge in your machine it won’t be able to work, so this makes it an important consumable item for your machine. You get many different makes of cartridges for different brands of copiers, faxes and printers. You get ink cartridges for Epson, Samsung and Canon – that is just a few of them. Cartridges do get empty and you will either have to buy another one or buy the ink to refill them. It is best to use original products and not generic, as generic could always cost you more in the long run and damage your machine. If you choose to use generic products on your machine, you do run the chance of losing your warranty.

Buying Ink Cartridges

Buying ink cartridges is a fairly simple thing to do. It is always best when you buy a printer cartridge to buy a back up at the same time as you never know when you might run out and that is always frustrating. By buying ink catridges in bulk, you always are able to get discounts at some stores. If you are buying in bulk and use cash, that is always better and gives you the power to ask for discounts. Always ask and get all the relevant information that you require when buying ink cartridges. You can generally buy ink cartridges from most retailers who stock printers, faxes and copiers. You also have the option of buying on the internet. Internet shopping can be helpful at times when you don’t have the luxury of time and need things done quickly.

Generic Cartridges

You do have the option of using generic cartridges on your machines. It is not always a bad option just depending on what machine you have and who you have bought it from. If your machine is still in warranty then it is best you use original cartridges on your machine. By using generic products this is generally when you use the same empty cartridge and buy in and refill the empty cartridge. If you machine is out of warranty you can use generic, just make sure if is definitely compatible with your machine otherwise you will cause damage to your machine that might not be repairable. A lot of suppliers of ink cartridges are against the consumer wanting to use generic ink cartridges but this is only because they will lose money on their original products.

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