Why use HP Cartridges

HP offers a wide range of consumable products. Using *original Hewlett Packard* Cartridges, otherwise known as *HP cartridges*, and genuine parts in your *HP Printer* guarantees professional results.

*Hewlett Packard* has designed a number of printers to suit a variety of needs and requirements. While some printers use *inkjet cartridges*, others use *laser cartridges* or *superdlttape*. These three types of cartridges offer the consumer different alternatives. These options range from the different prices of the printers and cartridges, to the quality of the printing, the number of pages that can be printed per minute, how many pages can be printed from one *cartridge* as well as how much it costs to print one page in *black* and or *colour*.

To control costs and most importantly save money, there is the option to *refill the cartridges* as opposed to replacing them when they are finished.

While some claim that this process does not work the same as replacing the cartridges with new ones as the quality is different or the number of pages per cartridge is less; using a new cartridge will afford you a cleaner; finer print; the performance of new *cartridges* is greater and; original consumables will ensure a longer lifespan of the your printer and cartridge; others disagree with this notion and only *refill cartridges*.

Why use Hewlett Packard?

Apart from using original *HP cartridges* whether they are refilled or new, it is imperative to use only genuine *HP* parts in a printer. This will ensure that the guarantee on your printer is upheld.

HP, being one of the leading brands, can provide you with the complete satisfaction through their unsurpassed quality, affordable prices and consumables and cartridges that are readily available.

Whether your needs are big or small, HP will deliver on every level and ensure complete customer satisfaction. This can be demonstrated through the professional quality of the products and after sales service.

What printer should you choose?

The printer industry is highly competitive with leading brands such as *Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, MIRC*. Just be sure to purchase a brand that will suit your needs and printing requirements.

Your purchasing decision will be dependent on what you will need the printer for. For example, whether you need a scanner, copiers, and fax machine to print high resolution documents and graphics, such as brochures, invitations, architectural drawings, and anything with fine detail, you would use a *laser printer*. If you only need a printer for day to day printing purposes, such as printing documents, an inkjet printer would suffice. Some of the special features found in laser printers can also be found in *Inkjet printers*.

The only factor to take into consideration when choosing a printer is the long term costs, requirements and capabilities.

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