Sharp and Bright Images with Cartridges and Toners

Every office has cartridges and toners for their printer, and these days many homes have printers too. There are many different types of printers and printer cartridges, and there is every opportunity to get the one that suits you in terms of performance and price. Toner cartridges are used in laser printers and they are available directly from the printer company or you can also buy them on-line. Most people would like to purchase a cartridge from the manufacturer of their printer because of the guarantees that come with the cartridge as well as other advantages. However, the genuine units are expensive and people look at other cartridges and toners which are cheaper but which offer excellent results.

The toner composition will vary with each manufacturer, and the size of the toner particle will impact the resolution. Toner particles of the same size result in enhanced colour of the image and more professional results. This high quality of prints combined with speed are just a few reasons why people prefer toner cartridges.

Top Brands with Toner Printers and Cartridges

People are trying to save money with the buying of cartridges and toners and among the competitors in the cartridge market are big names like Epson, Brother, Canon, Hewlett Package, Xerox, Sharp, Samsung among others. Toner cartridges, whether standard or high yield toner cartridges, tend to be more expensive than inkjet cartridges; but they produce cheaper prints per page when you compare them to the inkjets. The cartridges can be black or colour, depending on the printer.

Generic Brands Cheaper but Make Quality Prints

When it comes to toners and cartridges, consumers can opt to either purchase original equipment manufacturer (OEM), re-manufactured cartridges or compatible cartridges, with the original cartridges being the more expensive. The cartridges contain the toner powder along with colouring agents to put the image onto the paper. An electrostatically charged drum unit discharges the toner to the paper with heated rollers. To cut down on costs, customers look at generic brand laser toners that are manufactured by third party companies and not the printer manufacturer.

Environmentally Friendly Toner Refill Kits

Customers can also choose to look at toner refill kits. They like these because this way is more environmentally friendly. The original cartridge is taken apart, thoroughly tested, cleaned and refilled and then put back together. These toner refills are available at affordable prices and you can buy the complete set of colors. Money can be saved because the cartridge can be reused instead of buying a new one and they don’t require a specialist to fill; you can do it. You can’t go on refilling the cartridges indefinitely because the different parts wear out. The old cartridges tested and possibly sold again. Laser toners and refill kits are popular because they provide the same quality printing functions as the original products.

Great Deals on Cartridges and Toners

There are many businesses supplying cartridges and toners for printers and fax machine. Many of these companies offer discounts and promotions for their products and all the compatible products are completely capable of working with OEM products and are offered at a fraction of the cost of new cartridges.

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