HP Printer Cartridges A Name You can Trust

The Hewlett-Packard Company, also known as HP are leaders in information technology, providing customers with products necessary in business today. They produce a number of printers as well as HP printer cartridges which are suitable for the office as well as for home. These can be ink-jet printers, laser printers or multi-function printers. With ink cartridges, you can take their ink card with you when buying HP print cartridges because the ink cartridges are coded by color. This card will have the recommended ink for your printer model listed on it. The green package is for value cartridges, the blue package for standard cartridges and the red package for specialty HP cartridges like printing photographs.

High Quality Printing Needed

Photograph printing requires the very best inks for precise, crystal clear prints, and HP offers high-capacity cartridges and photo value packs which are made up of HP ink and photo paper together, offering excellent value. HP ink cartridges are guaranteed to produce superb photo prints every time. Apart from their electronics, printers toners and paper are also items which are in huge demand. HP printer cartridges are known for their sharp and clear prints and you can ensure you get the most from your HP printer by using quality original and compatible HP printer cartridges in your printer.

Eco Friendly Cartridges

You can also return your HP laser- or ink jet print cartridges to an authorised retail collection location. HP is committed to being an eco friendly organisation and their original printer cartridges are manufactured at certified facilities, and in fact HP, in 2010, used millions of dollars of recycled plastic in the manufacture of their Original HP print cartridges.

Genuine HP Printer Cartridges Easy to Recognize

Their first inkjet and laser printers were introduced in 1984 and are known for their quality. Always check that the HP printer cartridges you buy are the real thing. To this end check and make sure the HP logo and security seal are real. Streaky and pale prints could mean you have counterfeit products . Remember that HP puts security labels on their packaging to assist customers in purchasing an original HP cartridge. The labels are made up of sophisticated features which counterfeiters won’t be able to copy. Their latest version for ink and toner products features HP Mobile Authentication. Customers can capture a unique serial number on the label and have it verified by HP before they buy a cartridge. Customers will receive an on-line response.

Whether you are interested in buying a toner or ink cartridge, there are different types of cartridges, with some being lower priced than others. The first is the OEM cartridge, the cartridge which Hewlett Packard produce themselves which will certainly print the stipulated pages each month. The HP re-manufactured cartridge is recycled, and damaged and outdated parts are replaced by new parts by HP themselves. The advantage of these cartridges is that they cost a fraction of the price of brand new cartridges.

Customer Satisfaction with HP Print Cartridges

If you own an HP printer, don’t assume you have to buy HP cartridges. Thousands of people opt for re-manufactured HP printer cartridges with great success. The bottom line is that HP printer cartridges are all about customer satisfaction because they don’t offer an inferior product.

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