Discounted Toners that save on the Environment

Just about every home and office these days makes use of a printer, and these days toner and ink stores stock an extensive collection of copier toner and ink cartridges of different brands, with the laser toners providing the best printing quality you can hope for. They also carry a comprehensive selection of HP toner cartridges for black and color laserjet printers. Some of the brands these ink and toner stores carry are Sharp, Canon, Xerox, Toshiba, Minolta, Brother, Konica, HP, Samsung and others.

These printer cartridges come in various capacities which indicate the amount of ink in the cartridge – economy, standard, moderate or XL. Laser toner cartridges provide outstanding printing quality, producing clear and sharp pictures, are faster, cheaper, and the prints are waterproof and also smudge proof.

Reduce the Amount of Toner and Save Costs

Laser toner cartridges have higher resolution, offering better print quality than lower resolution ink cartridges where tiny drops of ink are sprayed out. Ink cartridges squirt ink at the paper while lasers use static and electricity to put toner on the paper. One of the benefits of these laser printers is that they have a feature which allows you to automatically reduce the amount of toner being used, all the while keeping a quality output. By turning on the Toner Save feature for your printer, you can enjoy additional savings. Check out different cartridge websites, because there is excellent information and tips available on how to extend the life of your toner cartridge.

Samsung cares about saving the environment and they also care about ensuring you save money with your cartridges, providing toner cartridges at some of the best prices, and they also recycle your cartridges. You can donote your empty cartridges to local recycling programs. Samsung toner will mean your Samsung printer will be producing high quality prints for years to come. Be alert for counterfeit toner which will give you streaky and poor quality pictures. Counterfeit toner cartridges look like the real thing but in fact using them can lead to all sorts of printing problems like damage to your printer, poor quality prints, short cartridge life and more paper jams.

How do Your Recognize Counterfeit Toner Cartridges?

Genuine Samsung toner cartridges are shipped with an intact, embossed security label with a 60-degree color-shifting feature. Run your finger over the word Samsung and feel that it is embossed. The security label also has special color-shifting features. It’s easy to identify a fake: The base label color shifts with a 60-degree viewing angle and if this color shift is not evident, it is in all likelihood counterfeit.

Cheaper Compatible Toner Cartridges

Compatible toner cartridges are designed to be almost the same as those of original manufacturer cartridges and have undergone the same testing and standards that the OEM toners are subjected to. They have been restored and then refilled. Before they are refilled, the cartridges are cleaned and dried and extra care is taken not to damage them in any way. They are tested and retested before being sold and become available to buy at much cheaper rates in the market. You can look online to find these cheap laser toners and they will be delivered to your place. As always check the authenticity of the website.

Don’t just throw your cartridge away willy nilly; there are stores that can tell you if your cartridge is empty or just clogged, where a simple clean can save you having to buy a new cartridge.

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