Gestetner Cartridges Meet All Your Printing Demands

With Gestetner cartridges you can know that you have made a good buy because the page yield will convince you that you have made a purchase of good value. Page yield is an important factor when purchasing a printer cartridge because it gives you an idea of your printing costs per page for a particular cartridge. A printing job always automatically stops when the cartridge reaches its end of life, which is indicated by a signal that the toner or ink is finished.

Before you undertake any professional printing job you should make sure that theprinter cartridge is suited for the job. Even when printing on paper, there are different types of paper so you need to make sure your printer cartridges can cope with the quality paper you are using.

Order Cartridges on-line and Have them Shipped to your Door

Gestetner cartridges are available at office supply stores or you can shop online, where you can compare prices and have your order shipped directly to your home or office. Ordering information is always secure, and you simply choose your cartridges; selecting the particular model you want and proceed to check out.

When selecting cartridges, it is always a good idea to go for cartridges from familiar name manufacturers because they have all the skills and expertise to manufacture cartridges that they know their clients are after. Gestetner fulfills their customer’s needs, and they are continually raising standards to comply with efficiency and environmental standards.

Gestetner Cartridges are cost effective and were the inspiration of David Gestetner, a Hungarian-born inventor of efficient document reproduction devices which saved enormous amounts of time for companies who first copied documents by hand all those years ago. Today, the legacy of Gestetner’s invention is highly respected and you can order these cartridges on the Internet and have them delivered to your door, backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For cutting down on costs, replacement cartridges meet printing demands and have environmental benefits as well. When the life of Gestetner cartridges are over, their components are potentially still like new and can be reused.

OEM Cartridges Equal Excellence

Gestetner inkjet cartridges work with OEM manufactured gestetner printers. Their inkjet- and toner cartridges as well as their refill kits are factory tested to meet OEM specifications. When you purchase your genuine OEM Gestetner toner cartridge you can be sure of excellent performance and exceptional prints. All original ink cartridges for Gestetner printers are 100% guaranteed.

Replacement laser cartridges are similar to the originals and they meet all quality standards. All worn parts are replaced by the factory and these include the OPC drum, rollers, toner, seal, and chips. These cartridges carry a one year warranty and you get high quality prints every time. The cartridges are tested and pass the rigorous post production inspection.

The cartridges are manufactured by a third party and work in the same way that an OEM Laser Cartridge would. They are designed to replace the original cartridge and fit into your specific Gestetner printer.

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