Buying A Lexmark Printer

Lexmark is one of the most established brands here in South Africa when it comes to printers. Other popular brands include HP printers and Canon printers. One of the biggest advantages to buying a Lexmark printer is that Lexmark printer cartridges would be quite easily available. This is because the brand is so popular that most print stores would stock Lexmark ink or toner.

The type of Lexmark printer that you buy would depend on you printing needs. You should determine what you budget and what you printing needs are. You can then start researching online and calling different computer stores to find out which Lexmark printer in the best option for you. Ask yourself questions such as “How many pages would I need to print on a daily basis?” and “Would I be printing a lot or graphics or mostly text documents?”.

You should also consider how many pages you would be able to print from a simple cartridge in that particular printer. A laser printer may be a bit more expensive to buy but it prints a lot faster and prints more pages from a single cartridge than an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers however, are known to produce graphics that are of much better quality than those printed by a laser printer.

Lexmark Printer Ink

The type of ink your Lexmark printer needs would depend on the model of the printer. For example, you and your brother can both have an inkjet Lexmark printer and you would need different types of ink cartridges. The box your printer comes in or the manual it comes with will usually tell you what type of cartridge it needs. You can also just check with the sales assistant at the computer or print store.

You should always check to make sure the cartridge is compatible before you buy it because you will probably not be able to exchange it once you have opened the packaging and new ink cartridges are quite expensive. The price of laser toner cartridge is more expensive than an inkjet cartridge but they do tend to be able to print more pages.

While Lexmark printer cartridges prices are not too expensive, you can still save money when buying these inkjet cartridges by having them refilled. When you refill an ink cartridge the different color inks are injected into their respective cartridges. The quality of the print remains good and you would be saving a lot of money by taking them somewhere to be refilled or simply buying a refill kit. It is recommended that you only refill a particular cartridge twice and then invest in a new one.

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