HP Printers

HP printers are among the most popular brands of printers available in South Africa. Some other popular brands include Canon, Lexmark and Epson. HP or Hewlett Packard printer are available in a wide range of models and the type of HP printer with depend on your budget and your business or personal printing needs.

One of the biggest advantages to buying an HP printer is that it is so popular. This means that you can buy ink cartridges or toner for it at just about any print shop. This makes things a lot more convenient because you are quite likely to find a supplier that is close to your home or place of work.

The HP brand is one of the most established printer brands that are around today. Buying a printer from a company such as this means that you are buying a good quality product that has a proven track record. If there printer does break or needs to be repaired then it would also be a lot easier to find parts for it and find a repairman than can fix the problem. It is also a lot easier to resell a HP printer than to resell a printer that was manufactured by an unknown manufacturer.

Choosing HP Printers

The type of HP printer that you choose would depend on your printing needs. There are color, laser, inkjet, laserjet and black and white printer available. There are also inkjet printers that have a separate ink cartridge for each colour of ink and inkjet printers which house all the ink in one cartridge.

You should first figure our exactly what your printing needs are. How fast do you need to be able to print and what type of documents will you mostly be printing? Inkjet printers are slower than laser jet printers but they tend to print photographs at a higher quality. You should speak to the sales assistants at the store and get their advice as well because they would be dealing with the HP brand and other printer brands on a daily basis.

Once you know exactly what type of HP printer you are buying, you would be able to buy the HP print cartridges for it as well. This is because a printer can usually only take a specific type of ink cartridges. So while you and your brother may both have HP printers, there is a chance that they would not take the same type of ink cartridge.

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