Why It’s a Good Idea to Buy A Laser Printer With Laser Cartridges

If you are the owners of a laser colour printer, it stands to reason that you would consider the laser cartridges to go with it. A laser colour printer is a certain kind of printer which will operate in much the same way as a photocopier or one of the multi-functional printers with cartridges. An inkjet printer produces small bursts of ink which get sprayed onto the paper but not so with a laser printer. It works from a similar kind of principal to what static electricity is all about. It is a laser which writes on a central drum which is positively-charged and which creates an electrostatic image of the things you want printed.

You get quality and speed with laser cartridges

When your laser draws an image, the drum will then get coated in fine black powder which is the same type of toner that you will find in your photocopier, and which gets printed out onto the paper. The fine black powder will stick to the positively charged parts of the drum just like static electricity. Of course, with the highly professional printing required to day, the colour laser printer is highly sought after. It is slightly more intricate than the black and white printed images, making use of colours like magenta, cyan, black and yellow. No desktop computer or notebook computer is complete without the purchase of a dependable printer. These days laser printers, whether black and white or colour, are excellent for both at home and the office, and you even get all-in-one multifunction printers that are able to scan, fax, print and copy.

Rainbows of colour

Usually the simplest type of colour laser printer will just have one drum which will roll out the four different colours for every page. You get slightly more elaborate kind of set-ups where you would see a similar thing, except the four colours would first get printed onto a kind of plate and then only would the plate print the coloured image to the page. You also get a very complicated laser printer which is the most expensive one. This laser colour will have a complete system of drum, toner, and laser for every colour that gets produced, kind of making an assembly-line style of printing.

You need to consider a couple of things when deciding to buy your laser colour printer. Firstly, you should work out how much you will spend on your printer. If you are on a tight budget, your choices will be a bit more limited to the simpler versions but if you have the money to spend, the bigger and more varied machines will be available for you.

Saving money

A very important aspect when buying your laser colour printer is the printing speed of your page per minute. The black and white copies usually use one drum head and one toner, so they are faster. A really top range laser colour printer would probably do between sixteen to twenty five or so pages per minute with higher speeds for the black and white prints.

Compared to the inkjet printer, you won’t be sorry you bought the laser printer because over time, with the lower costs for the cartridges you will save in the long run and you more than pay for your machine; it will last for many pages to come. Lots of laser printers are designed for presentation and text type documents or printing images. In these instances, it would be better rather to buy the more expensive colour laser printer, you won’t regret your choice.

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