An HP Ink Cartridge Is All About High Quality

When it comes to an HP ink cartridge, you can rest assured that you are getting the king of printing products. Hewlett Packard is a leading printing consumable company. They are most referred to as HP, and they are leaders in information technology services. They are able to provide their customers with top products needed in businesses today, producing all kinds of printers and all kinds of cartridges as well. Their products are suitable for office or home use.

HP printers come in the form of ink jet printers or laser printers or even multi-function type printers. When you go out to buy your HP ink cartridge, you can take your ink card with you. This is because Hewlett Packard cartridges are coded by colour. When the sales person sees it, they will be able to recommend to you the right ink for the printer model you have in your office. For instance the green package will represent value cartridges, the blue package represents standard cartridges whilst the red package is for specialty HP cartridges such as printing photographs.

You can count on high quality

If you are doing photograph printing you are going to require the best of the best in ink. This is because you want crystal clear and precise prints, and the HP ink cartridge has that capacity in their photo value packages. These are made up of their HP ink and their photo paper together. You can imagine that this offers excellent value for money. Their cartridges are guaranteed to give you outstanding photo prints each and every time you need them. Not only are their electronics, their printers, their toners and their paper products in huge demand across the world, but the cartridges are actually known and sought after for their clarity and sharpness.

Eco friendly HP cartridges

Because it is so important to use environmentally friendly products, you have the opportunity to return your used HP laser and inkjet print cartridges to any of the authorised retail collection points. That is what is so great about the HP product; the company is committed to being eco-friendly. Their original printing cartridges are manufactured at particular places and they recycle their plastics for re-manufacture of their cartridges.

You can recognize real HP ink cartridges

HPs first laser and inkjet printers were introduced to the market around 1984 and straight away become known for their high quality. You need to check that the ones you buy are the real HP cartridges. Make sure that their HP logo and security seal are genuine. If you notice your prints are streaky and pale, you possibly are looking at counterfeit products. HP puts security labels onto their packages so you know you are buying original HP cartridge.

You will find that there are different types of cartridges to meet your needs, some are cheaper than others. One is called an OEM cartridge; a cartridge produced by Hewlett Packard themselves. You also get the HP recycled and therefore re-manufactured cartridge. If the part is damaged or outdated on the cartridge, Hewlett Packard will replace it with their new parts.

You still get quality re-manufactured HP cartridges for a fraction of the price of their original cartridge. When you own an HP printer, you can opt to purchase the re-manufactured HP printer cartridges because anything to do with HP products, you are sure to get customer satisfaction, just because they offer such superior products.

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