About Xerox Cartridges

Xerox is one of the world’s leading suppliers in stationery and their printer cartridges are known for superior quality. As a brand, Xerox takes their environmental responsibility very seriously and support this with active programs that encourage recycling of printer cartridges.

They have regular drives that bring the message of recycling to businesses and partners with the aim of increasing the recycling of cartridges across the board. What this has done is establish Xerox as an environmentally conscious brand that also supplies the best in terms of product quality as well as service.

They provide printer cartridges that are more affordable than other brands on the market. Xerox cartridges are also quite durable and provide top quality in terms of printing. A large catalogue of cartridges is available so that no matter what your printing requirements might be, Xerox will be able to supply you with the cartridges you need.

Why Recycle?

Xerox encourages recycling of cartridges because the products are made up of complex plastics, foam, metal, ink and toner. If these cartridges end up on a landfill they will add unnecessarily to the amount of waste when they could have been broken up into their components and then reused.

During the manufacture of printer cartridges, there is a great amount of natural resources like gas, water and oil that is used. By recycling, you decrease the demand for these resources and thereby help the planet in terms of conserving natural resources.

The toxins released during manufacture of cartridges are also quite harmful and through recycling, the toxins in the atmosphere decreases. This is one of the main advantages to recycling printer cartridges.

The components recovered through cartridge recycling can be used in the manufacture of other products. In this way, recycling directly affects other industries that can then use the plastic, metal, ink, toner and foam that come from the cartridges. Thereby the amount of harmful toxins and waste produced by other industries is also decreased.

More About The Process

In previous years, printer cartridges were tossed away in normal recycling and then crushed or shredded. This yielded too much waste and too little reusable product so the process changed. Now, you have to send your cartridges back to the manufacturer when you’ve completed using them.

From this point they are then recycled in a process of dismantling. Although this is much slower than simply crushing them, you get much more reusable product in terms of plastic, metal and foam. The cartridges are cleaned and then taken apart into their separate components.

The clean plastic is then shredded and mixed with other plastics before undergoing a process to produce virgin plastic once again. From this point more cartridges can be made or other plastic products like water bottles.

Through the process of dismantling, about 80% more reusable plastic is yielded than what was produced in the earlier shredding and crushing recycling process. Over the past two decades, Xerox has been responsible for reducing waste from cartridges by millions of pounds.

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