Toner Cartridge For Your Brand Printer

Toner cartridges are indispensable when it comes to the operation of a laser printer. A toner cartridge consists of fine dust made up of electro-statically positively charged colouring agents and plastic particles. This fine dust is kept in a removable casing called the toner cartridge, and when printing begins, the printer will take the powder from the toner cartridge with the aid of the developing unit. The powder then is transferred to a drum unit which will have an electro-static image of the object that is to be printed. The toner in the cartridge is then ejected onto the paper with the help of this drum unit. The paper spins against the heated rolls, making the toner melt onto it and creating whatever you want printed to come out in an absolute brilliant image. Such a toner cartridge can cough out about two and a half thousand prints until it is used up.

Cartridges can be extremely expensive and can sometimes end up costing more than the printer itself. Sometimes people will buy cheap toners that are only one third full. People should actually buy genuine and branded laser toners that are manufactured by reputable companies, but you will find other people that opt for generic toner cartridges, just to save some money.

But if it is the branded products you want and you do not want to compromise on quality, you would certainly want to purchase these for your electronic machines. There are toners that are manufactured by different manufacturers who specifically target various models of printers and photocopiers. Amongst varied brands, the ones that are ranked in the top ten list are the HP, Apple, Dell, Epson, Gestetner, Brother, Cannon, Konica and Lanier. When you own a printer with these names, you can choose the toner cartridge that matches your machine and be assured of the quality that matches your machine.

Fill your original cartridge yourself

Branded cartridges are also now being developed by third parties and there has been immense improvement in this small industry for consumers to get the absolute best out of these kind of cartridges. If you really want to cut costs, you can choose the manufacturer that offers replacement cartridges that meet the demands of your specific printer. You need not worry about the quality as the manufacturer just fills the same cartridges with new toner, all according to your printer’s specific details. And don’t think you have to be an expert to fill the toner cartridge; they come with instructions. These re-manufactured toner cartridge are not only cheaper, they are environmentally friendly as well. They are ninety seven percent recyclable because the cartridge is made of forty percent plastic and forty percent metal with small percentages of rubber, paper, foam and toner. The plastic comprises engineering-grade polymers, which is said to take no less than a thousand years to decompose, meaning it is reusable. Your toner cartridge though, can only be refilled for three uses, it cannot be used over and over again unfortunately.

Discounts and offers on line

If you are wondering where the best place to purchase your ink toner from, you will find many on line stores which generally are the best avenues for discounts and special offers. Always keep your toner cartridges away from sunlight and if you are not going to replace the cartridge immediately, then do not store it near a window or a glass door, rather in a cool and darkish storeroom.

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