Samsung Toner Recycling

Modern life has become more technological and has also become more environmentally conscious, and Samsung has found a way to combine both of these concepts in one easy step by simply recycling Samsung toner cartridges.

Ink from toner cartridges can seep into the ground and into the ground water supply if they are not properly discarded, but unfortunately most ink and toner cartridges still end up in landfills around the world and find their way into the ground water systems.

Just take into consideration all of the millions of offices around the world and now just picture all of the billions of printer cartridges that each of them use every month and every year. No just think where they all end up? In the landfills and in the streets, with only a small percentage of them ever getting recycled. So if you want to make a difference invest in Samsung toner cartridges and sign up for their recycling programme. Here is a look at how the Samsung toner recycling programmes work.

How The Samsung Toner Recycling Program Works

The Samsung Take back and Recycle Program (STAR) is a free service for all Samsung consumers, and if you are a business consumer you can contact Samsung for a free recycling box for your office, which they will then also come and collect free of charge. All of the cartridges will then be recycled into their main basic components, plastic, resin, metal, packaging cardboard and other items.

Thus unlike other recycling programmes that just end up dumping the printer cartridges in the landfills again, Samsung will make sure that all of them are safely recycled and reused again. Thus if you care about the environment and want to show your employees that you care about the environment then investing in a recycling programme is easier than ever before.

Studies have also shown that showing employees that you care about the environment and about their well -being is a great way to improve employee morale in the office and boost productivity. Thus by simply recycling you will not only be doing your part for the environment and making it a cleaner healthier place, you will also show your employees that you care and you will make them feel happier and more productive.

But unfortunately this programme is only available for people who use Samsung cartridges, but if you use another brand there is no need to despair and just dump your cartridges in the landfill sites, as you can start your own recycling programme or just simply find out about other recycling programmes in your area.

Thus there is no excuse not to recycle your used ink cartridges anymore because recycling has become easier than ever before. And there is no excuse anymore for a company not to have a few recycling programmes in place in the office anymore, because in the end it will only benefit your environment and will boost your company’s productivity.

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