Compatible Toner Cartridges

A lot of different types of cartridges are available today that we can choose from. This is mainly because there are now so many different brands of printers available. Manufacturers of printers and cartridges know how important it is to use cartridges that are compatible to the printer brand. That is why there are also compatible toner cartridges available that you can buy.

There is a reason why there are so many names to describe the different cartridges available on the market. There are cartridges that are made with new parts while others are made with recycled parts. So what are compatible toner cartridges and what makes them different from other types of toner cartridges? Compatible toner cartridges are made from brand new part which resembles parts found in original toner cartridges that the compatible toner is replacing. The parts are not recycled but are totally brand new; including the aluminium, plastics and other parts of the toner cartridge.

More About Compatible Toner Cartridges

Many different kinds of toner cartridge brands are available on the market. Some of the most commonly known brands include Samsung compatible toner cartridges, Lexmark compatible toner and canon compatible toner. These are the most widely used and are considered to be very high in quality. Compatible toner cartridges are one kind of toner cartridges that are available on the market. There are also different types of compatible toner cartridges to choose from. These cartridges are either made from new parts or recycled parts. The new compatible toner cartridges are made from all new components while the toner cartridges made from recycled components are called remanufactured toner cartridges. Both of these types of cartridges are called compatible. But there is still a different between the two.

New toner cartridges are completely brand new while remanufactured toner cartridges are made with both new and recycled parts. Original toner cartridge printers that have been used are examined; cleaned, recycled and other parts that are worn out are replaced. So most of the parts that are found inside remanufactured compatible toner cartridges are from the original cartridges and are also made by the same manufacturer. They are therefore re-used parts from the original cartridges.

Compatible toner cartridges are made to meet the specifications of the original manufacturer of the toner cartridge they are trying to copy. That is why they are able to offer the same reliability and quality that original compatible toner cartridges offer. The only difference about compatible toner cartridges is that they are made from what’s called third party manufacturers and they also do not have the brand name of the original cartridge on them. Compatible cartridge toners are cheaper than the original toner cartridges that is why are more affordable. The compatible cartridges that are considered to be 100% compatible are those that have all the components that are in the original cartridge; so they exactly compatible with the printer brand name of the original. There are other compatible cartridges that are not fully compatible to the original and these are very cheap.

Quality And Manufacturers

A lot of cartridge manufacturers also supply compatible toner cartridges. There are inkjet compatible cartridges, dell, Lexmark and Epson compatible toner cartridges. Toner cartridge brands like inkjet make cartridges that have totally new parts. There are also those that have both new as well as used cartridge parts. It is important that you ask whether the cartridge has new or used parts when you buy cartridges. Also, try to make sure that you use manufacturers that supply toner cartridges that work well with and are compatible with the printer. This is because if a cartridge is not compatible to the printer, it will not work effectively and it will even damage the printer.

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