Refill Cartridge

Cartridge refill explained

What is cartridge refill? This is when you take an empty ink cartridge and refill it by injecting ink into the empty ink cartridge. It is the cheaper option to replacing ink for your machines. To replace the ink inside the cartridge, you should buy the ink refill kit, follow the instructions that come with the ink or toner refill kit, once following the instructions and refilling the empty casing, you place the ink cartridge back in the machine and run a test page.

Who can use refill cartridges?

Any business or private user can use refill ink cartridges. By using the refill kits, you get the best price and value for money as you don’t have to replace the entire cartridge, you just replacing the ink inside. By doing this you are also helping with using recycled goods and saving on plastic that is produced that could be harmful to our planet. The refill inks are available in black and colour; price depends on quantity and colour that you purchase. Any business can use toner cartridge, laser cartridge and ink cartridge refills. Any make of machine can use refill cartridges, it is generic and compatable.

Variety of refill cartridges

There is a wide variety of refills on the market at the moment. They range from toner refill cartridges to laser refill cartridges including refill cartridges for printers. Ink cartridge refills are taking the market by storm. Refill cartridges are the way to go with the current world recession, everyone needs to watch what they are spending, and this is one way to do it. For some they might feel that it is easier to buy an original ink cartridge at the higher price, but the refill ink cartridge comes with directions and is very easy to do – no mess, no fuss.

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