Are refilled printer cartridges safe to use?

If you’ve ever run out of ink when in the middle of a big print job, you’ll know that printer ink cartridges can become a costly stationery item. This is why so many people opt for refilled printer cartridges – they offer a cheap alternative to quality ink cartridges from leading printer suppliers on the market. You will find that some refilled ink cartridges work wonderfully while others quite simply don’t – it’s all about where you shop and just how cheap you are willing to go in your selections.

With a refilled cartridge you replace only the spent part of the printer cartridge, at a fraction of the cost of a brand new ink cartridge – who wouldn’t find this attractive? However, there are pros and cons to buying refilled ink printer cartridges, let’s take a look:

Pros of refilled printer cartridges

  • A cheaper way of getting a fully stocked ink cartridge when you run out of ink.
  • Environmentally friendly option. Every refilled ink cartridge is one less ink cartridge taking up space in a landfill site.
  • Inkjet printers use liquid ink which is easily refilled. Most of these inks are of a standard quality which means that you can enjoy a clear and high quality print.

Cons of refilled printer cartridges

  • With a laser printer, a refilled cartridge could spell disaster. These printers make use of toner, which can be refilled, but this is usually done by drilling a hole in the cartridge, and inserting an inferior quality toner. These have a high failure rate and are known to cause damage to printers.
  • Refilled printer cartridges don’t come in pristine condition. Depending on the quality of the cartridge and the ink used, you could clog your printer heads or even experience runs and leaks in your printing job.

The question begs to be answered: are refilled ink printer cartridges safe? Not always – you might get lucky with a good cartridge, but the next one you buy could just as easily damage your printer and ruin your print job in the process!

It is important to realise that there are other options when it comes to replacing your printer cartridges. In addition to the respected brands of new cartridges, there are also good quality generic cartridges that can be affordable and beneficial to you.
Are you looking to cut costs in 2016? Reducing your print costs is as good a place as any to start and buying cartridges directly, with bulk discounts for members, means that your printing needs can be met without compromising on quality.

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