All About Refilling Your HP Ink Cartridge

If you own a printer in your office or at home, you probably have realised that refilling an ink cartridge for the printer is something that you do quite regularly. If you are the one that does the filling, you have probably tried to find easy ways to do it, that does not mean a lot of spillage and as little effort as possible. When it comes to cartridges, you are not going to go wrong with the HP ink cartridge because it is one cartridge that makes the job seem quite a bit easier.

Usually you will get ink refill kits and in these you will find the necessary tools to refill your used cartridges. There will also be instructions on the best way to refill the ink cartridges. Once the whole process is done, then you will start the whole printing process all over again.

Inside the refill kit, you will find a syringe. This will help you to draw the ink and then to refill the cartridge. Just remember to make sure that you don’t use more than just the one colour at one time, otherwise your printing will be spoiled. If you do want to use other colours, you must rinse the syringe thoroughly and then be allowed to dry out completely before adding another colours. Maybe it is actually better to use a different syringe rather if you don’t want to go through the effort of cleaning out the used one. You don’t want to contaminate the original colour ink with another colour seeping in.

Another thing you need to consider is the pressure in the cartridge; this needs to stablise before you use the printer. Give it a bit of time before you start to use it. If you keep the cartridge in the printer overnight, it will help; otherwise you could leave it in in the morning to the afternoon for the same results.

Lessen the mess

Changing ink can be a messy job if you don’t do it properly so find yourself a suitable place for the job. Cleaning up spilt ink is not a nice cleaning job. In fact, the sink could be the perfect place to get this job done because then any spillage goes in there. You don’t want any spillage either in your actual printer so you need to check for any dripping. Try holding the cartridge upside down to see if any ink comes out, and then put it back in the printer to use. The cartridge should not get all messy and clogged up so a good idea is to refill it before it becomes completely emptied out. Then you also need to constantly check the ink levels so you don’t miss the right time to do your ink refilling task and this needs to be done before you start refilling.

HP refills or originals will both do a superb job for you

You will see in the long run that this method of filling your cartridges will turn out to be cheaper and this makes sense because you won’t need to buy new cartridges all the time. Plus, you will be looking out for the environment because there won’t be so many used cartridges lying about being disposed. It makes it worthwhile to consider HP ink cartridges and filling them in this way. Whilst using refilled HP cartridges is great value, the original HP ink cartridges usually print twice as many pages as the refills do.

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