About Refilling Cartridges

The process of *_refilling cartridges_* is also referred to as refurbishing or remanufacturing, and a great way to save money is to refill your generic or original printer cartridges instead of buying a new one to replace your cartridge every time one becomes empty. Click on the link to read about “compatible, or generic, printer cartridges”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/articles/5-compatible-or-generic-printer-cartridges-print-more-pay-less.

Most inkjet cartridges and “toner cartridges”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/articles/34-toner-cartridges can be refilled about three times. However, refilling cartridges is only recommended if you do not require a high quality print, because although a new cartridge can be quite expensive, a refilled cartridge sometimes does not print to the same standard as a new cartridge.

Advantages of Refilling Cartridges

The two main advantages of refilling cartridges will be briefly discussed below.

* Going Green: Cartridges are very destrucive to the environment, and you can do your bit to help protect the environment by refilling cartridges. Refilling cartridges is better for the environment, because if enough people refill instead of buying new, less cartridges will need to be produced. In addition to this, there are less cartridges that end up intoxicating our environment in rubbish dumps. Refilling cartridges is, therefore, a means of recycling.

* Money Saving: As mentioned above, refilling cartridges is much cheaper than buying new cartridges. Refilling cartridges costs, on average, half of what buying a new cartridge does. This is a very important factor, especially if you do a lot of large scale printing.

Disadvantages of Refilling Cartridges

It is obvious that there will be some undesirable consequences to refilling cartridges. The two main disadvantages of refilling ink cartridges will be briefly discussed below.

* Print Quality: With most brands of cartridges, the print quality is reduced when they are refilled. This is because cartridges refilling companies do not have the exact formula to produce the same ink as the brand manufacturers. It is therefore not recommended that you refill your cartridges if you require a high quality print.

* Messy: If you choose to use a DIY kit instead of a professional cartridge refilling company, the refilling (remanufacture) of cartridges can be very messy. Even if you have instructions to follow, to refill cartridges professionally is a difficult task that takes lots of practice and experience. It is also possible that you will make a mistake and end up damaging the cartridge or your printer machine, in which case you’ll end up spending much more in the long run.

A Quality Cartridge Company

When you can no longer refill your empty cartridges, turn to Cartridge for original or generic cartridges. We are a quality cartridge supplier with years of experience. In addition to this, we offer a wide range, including cartridges for makes such as “Canon”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/cartridges/canon, “Epson”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/cartridges/epson, “Dell”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/cartridges/dell, “Lexmark”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/cartridges/lexmark and any model of printer they make.

If you decide *_refilling cartridges_* is not for you, or cannot refill your cartridge again, let cartridge offer you quality service and good advice. We pride ourselves on our wide range of cartridges, and whether you have a laser or inkjet printer, we can give you a great deal. So if you require an original or quality generic cartridge that will work with your budget and be suitable in meeting your printing requirements, do a “cartridge search”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/cartridges or directly “contact”:https://www.cartridge.co.za/pages/contact Cartridge today!

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