Printer Buying Basics

Everyone that has owned a computer knows that a printer is a vital component to any home computer system. If you have a business small or large, a printer is often an essential component. There are many types and kinds of printers that contain any number of useful functions. Whatever print job you require there is a printer out there that will meet your needs.

One very useful printer is the multifunctional or all in one printer. These printers can include a fax machine, copy machine, scanner and some even have a telephone. The affordability of multifunction printers can vary and depend a great deal on the final output quality of the prints. It is important to realize that just because a multifunction printer is expensive does not necessarily mean that it is a better one. Some lower cost multifunction printers are extremely useful and may perform to an acceptable quality for your needs.

There are many reputable printer manufacturers such as Canon, HP, Lexmark, Epson and Dell to name a few. Each manufacturer offers something new and different to the printer industry. For a long time, HP was the leader in home computer printer technology. However, over the last few years many have turned to the lower cost, but still high quality offerings of it’s competitors.

While a printer may seem affordable at the time of purchase, be sure to check a few details. What cost are the ink cartridges to replace? Buying an inexpensive printer is not going to be worthwhile if the ink cartridges cost you more than the printer itself to replace. Be sure that the printer cartridges suit your budget. Does the printer take normal, everyday paper? Be sure that the paper used in the printer is not some foreign, specialty paper that will cost you a small fortune to purchase. Most printers are bought complete and are ready to run straight out of the box. However, some printers do not include ink cartridges or connecting cables so be sure you have everything you need before leaving the store.

Some printers are sold with ink cartridges that are only half full, whilst others contain more than the replacement cartridges. You should make an effort to enquire as to the ink volumes within both the replacements and originals. Many retailers are now recycling ink cartridges to help with environmental issues. In exchange for your old cartridges, the retailer will offer you a small discount on new or manufacturered ink cartridges.

Whatever your printer needs, take your time, research and know exactly what you need in a printer way before you decide to purchase. Then you can shop with confidence.

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About the Author: Steve Thomas writes about printers and maintains a printer resource website at http://www.aprinter.co.uk

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