Printer Cartridges Johannesburg

There is hardly an office today that doesn’t make use of a printer, and with a printer you will be making use of cartridges too. These products along with a wide range of hardware and consumables for home and office needs are available through Printer Cartridges Johannesburg. As with all office equipment, you will first need to consider your printing needs before you make your choice of printer and cartridges. Cartridge shops help you make the right selection because they are aware that by choosing to buy the correct printer you can actually save money in the long run, and they offer low, discount prices on their range of compatible ink cartridges and re-manufactured inkjet cartridges.

Which Printer and Cartridge?

Once you know what your budget and printing needs are, you can begin shopping, and in these Johannesburg stores, you will find a team of experienced shop assistants who can advise on your printing requirements. For a high volume of printing, they may recommend a laser printer simply because it prints a lot faster than an inkjet. An added bonus is that a laser printer prints a lot more pages than an inkjet does.

Printer Cartridges Johannesburg sells new cartridges but they also sell re-manufactured cartridges, taking care when refurbishing them so that the public and dealers get the best products and deals. At Johannesburg cartridge shops, they will clean your cartridges and refill them with the correct ink. The printer cartridge contains a reservoir of ink which is sprayed onto the paper during the process of printing. The cartridges are available in either plain black ink, or three colors which when combined, can produce any color you want.

Most printer cartridges have separate black and colour ink cartridges, but some printers have a cartridge for each color. Once the cartridges have been washed and refilled, the cartridge will then be tested to make sure the print quality is perfect, and to this end they carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The simplest color laser printer on the other hand will have just one drum, and will roll out four different colors for each page.

Print Cartridges which are Light on the Environment

With ink cartridges there are a number available. Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM are ink printer cartridges distributed by the printer companies who have manufactured the printer you use. Generic or compatible ink cartridges are manufactured by third party companies. Another kind of cartridge sold by Printer Cartridges Johannesburg is refilled ink cartridges. User can either fill their cartridges with the use of ink refill kits or sent to refilling companies to have the printer cartridges refilled. 

Th beauty of Printer Cartridges Johannesburg is that once you have decided on which printer to buy, they have every type of cartridge available to buy, including inkjet,toner, remanufactured and generic cartridges and can supply you with a variety of brands including Brother, Canon, Epson and others. They stock a large selection of cartridges in order to meet the demands of their customer’s printing requirements and their refilled and remanufactured ink and laser toner cartridges are also good for the environment.

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