Cartridges For The Mono Laser Printer

Some people ask themselves the question why would they choose a mono laser printer with cartridges and not a colour model. The coloured printers are great if you would like to print photos or brightly illustrated documents, but many of us just wish to print out letters, text documents and web pages maybe, and for this purpose, you are making the right choice to choose a mono laser printer.

Hassle-free printing is a real advantage

While the colour printers need more costly consumables, like colour cartridges with toners for example, a mono laser can provide you with thousands of pages of crisp, fast, hassle-free printing from a single cartridge. There is also a huge problem if you are printing out in colour and one of the colour cartridges colour comes to an end. The whole job might come to a standstill because of the missing colour, causing a huge wastage of time and energy, let alone your stress levels.

Knowing how to find the model to suit you best will depend on your requirements. To get great results with choosing a mono laser printer, you simply need to understand more about which are the most important features for you, but there are some important factors to consider.

Firstly, laser printers are sold on their resolution which is defined in dots per inch, or dpi. So the higher the resolution, the better will be the print quality. Sometimes, unfortunately, this is not the case, so read the reviews online to find which printers actually will give you the best print quality. Mostly, mono lasers have a resolution in any case of either 600×600 dpi or 1,200×1,200 dpi. A lot of them also have higher more enhanced resolution settings. This uses a software resolution algorithm to enhance jagged lines, which would be mainly to position extra dots to fill in otherwise jagged edges. Sometimes what the specifications tell you may not result in quite the same high quality result for all models and manufacturers.

The lowest type of mono laser printer types will provide only the most basic features. These provide about a 600 x 600 dpi resolution and have small trays that will hold only about one hundred fifty sheets of paper. They probably are unsuitable for you if you’re looking for a printer to serve several computers in a small office, but they are ideal if you want a small footprint printer to sit on your desk. That’s important because if you bought this basic model for a busy office with a few people in it all needing printing needs, this one wouldn’t be suitable because you would constantly have to fill the tray. Speed of printing is also likely to be low compared with more expensive mono laser printer models.

The mono laser printer is reliable and steadfast

Choose your printer based upon the number of sheets per month you plan to print from it. For reliability and a reasonable life of your printer in-service, you should always look for a printer with a duty cycle significantly larger than the number of pages you expect to print in an average month. That way, you can expect excellent results in choosing a mono laser printer.

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