Blends of Laser Toner Produce Different Print Results

Laser printers are different from inkjet printers, and the difference lies in the fact that the one printer uses ink while the other uses toner. Laser toner is a powder used to make the images on the paper. It is a powder used in laser printers to form the printed text or graphics on paper. It used to be just carbon powder, but later the carbon was mixed with a polymer. The toner is kept in a toner cartridge which releases the needed amount of the powder in printers to print onto pages. The toner is released from the cartridge and is attracted to the paper by an electrical charge.

Replacing toner cartridges can be costly, more so if you do a lot of printing, and for this reason many people make a hole in the cartridge if it doesn’t already have one, and they add toner. There are a number of toner manufacturers who offer toner in wholesale quantities.

Cheaper Re-manufactured Cartridges

Re-manufactured cartridges are available from electronic or on-line stores, and these are sold at a lower cost than original toner cartridges. Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM toners come from the printer manufacturer and are of superior quality with a higher price. Re-manufactured toners are made by third-party manufacturers and these and a good alternative to OEM cartridges, particularly when the best quality toner has been used for refilling the cartridge.

Laser Printers Quicker

There are several reasons why businesses use laser printers over inkjet printers, and one of these is that laser printers are much quicker than an inkjet printer. This is important when print jobs have certain deadlines. They are simply designed to handle high printing demands quickly and efficiently. The laser’s toner cartridge can print far more pages than an inkjet cartridge can; all the while being able to print out sharp and clear graphics or text.

Laser printers used to be used for printing documents in black and white, but as the demand for laser printers increased , colour laser toners were developed. The cost for these colored toners is higher than black laser toners, and this is because the toners mostly come with primary colors which can be bought on-line. These modern laser toner cartridges used for colour printing are cyan, magenta, yellow and black, which is known as CMYK.

Before buying colored laser toner, you need to check that your laser printer is actually capable of using colored toner. Although the coloured toners cost more than black laser toner, colored toners are still cheaper than colored inkjet cartridges and this is because laser printers use just a small amount of toner.

Use a Toner Finder

Most toner cartridges are available on-line or through retail outlets. Re-manufactured and refilled toner cartridges are always lower priced than original toner cartridges. When looking to buy toners on-line, always use the toner finder to help with finding the correct cartridge for your particular printer model.

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