About Laser Printers And Cartridges

Laser printers have become the number one printer in use in almost any office or private office. It is by and large one of the leading electronic sales items in the country. Many people have switched from inkjet printers to laser printers. There are some operational and logistical similarities between the two, for example laser printers still use conventional types of cartridges.

Laser printers are prized for their accuracy, clarity and ease of use. The latest models are also smaller, lighter and more ecological due to higher efficiency rates. In terms of cartridges, the significant difference regarding cartridges is that laser printers use toner cartridges where as ink jet printers use ink jet cartridges.

How Laser Printers Work

A laser printer is fast becoming the standard office computer printer. One of the main reasons laser printers have become so popular is that they print quickly and accurately text and graphics. Laser printers use a xerographic printing process similar to digital photocopiers and multifunctional printers. However laser printers are quite different from analogue type photocopiers because laser printers use a laser to produce an image.

Laser printers are considered to be far superior in terms of accuracy to that of ink jet or dot matrix printers. In addition they use far less ink in the printing process. Ink jet printers work by spraying ink through very tiny nozzles onto the page. A laser printer uses a laser beam to project an image onto a spinning drum. The spinning drum is charged electrostatically and coated with selenium or an organic photoconductor.

A process called photoconductivity removes electrical charges from areas that are exposed to light. Toner or dry ink particles are then picked up by the electrostatically charged areas of the drum. Once this has happened then the printing process can begin. Printing is achieved when the drum prints the image onto paper using heat ad direct contact.

The Advantages Of Using Laser Printers And Toner Cartridges

There are many advantages of using a laser printer over a conventional ink jet printer. Because laser printers use a laser to ‘write’ material it is far more accurate, this is due to the diameter of the laser not changing where as ink jet printers deliver ink through nozzles, this system is prone to wastage and a certain amount of loss in accuracy.

Laser printers are considered to be a lot more expensive than ink jet printers, however the real consideration is in the long term use. Over a long term period the laser printer actually is proven to be a lot more economical when compared to an ink jet printer. Much of this economy is measured in ink usage. Laser printers use toner, toner is very cheap and the laser printer is extremely sparing in its toner consumption. Ink jet printers use liquid ink, this liquid ink is sprayed onto a piece of paper through tiny nozzles, however this is far less economical as there can be over spray and so on.

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