The Right Printer Ink Cartridges For Your Printer

In the world of printers and cartridges you will find generally two kinds of printer cartridges that get used. They are the printer ink cartridges and the laser printer cartridges. A printer just simply cannot work unless it has either of these types of printers installed it in because you do get the real branded printer ink cartridges but you also get the generic type cartridges. There are quite a few differences between the two kinds of cartridges to be found for your printer.

When you go to the stationery stores to buy your printer, you probably would have noticed that the cost of printers has dropped rather dramatically, whilst on the other hand the prices of the ink cartridges for the inkjet printers have just about stayed the same. For instance if you go out and buy four printer cartridges, you probably would have paid the same for a brand new printer.

Printer ink refill kits can save you money

Many businesses have tried all sorts of ways to try and offset such high prices for printer ink. And there has been a solution in the form of printer refill kits. It certainly has proved to be much more cost effective, but unfortunately it can turn out to be rather messy as well as time consuming. Then there is another option and that is to use remanufactured and generic cartridges. You can find these on line from reputable distributers. Instead of the brand name counter parts, you will get generic cartridges which saves you a great deal of money.

Generic ink cartridges

Whether you get your printer ink from an ink jet printer cartridge or from a laser print cartridge, the fact remains that it is an expensive business. A good reason for this is that companies will buy only the branded printer cartridges and not the generic ones. And the reason for that is that companies literally spend millions on advertising and so the branded consumables have been instilled in people’s mind as the best and most trustworthy plus their customers trust them for the best. It is that trust that makes customers brand loyal. Actually, whether the printer is a Canon, or a Lexmark or some other brand, many companies don’t know that the ink is still the same, irrespective of the brand of printer you are using. What is different is the cartridge, not the ink. People don’t realise that a lot of the generic printer cartridges have been re-manufactured, using the same components which could make them sub-sets of brand names like Brother or Xerox or HP for example. Sometimes they are even made in the same faculties as the branded products and are of a very similar quality, just more cost effective.

You can help the environment by going generic

Of course people worry about the quality when it comes to the remanufactured cartridges but they don’t have to, because the generic ones are usually remanufactured in the same plant and usually by the same company making the branded products. Usually it is just the empty printer cartridges that get refilled with the same ink and one of the main reasons for doing this is to help with recycling in order to prevent hazardous waste. Also, printer cartridges are not biogradeable. Making use of remanufactured cartridges will get you cartridges at sometimes half the price, plus if you look on the internet, you will find suppliers of remanufactured cartridges that will fit your inkjet or your laser printer. Extensive research has ensured that you are getting a cartridge of the highest quality.

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