Do I Have to Buy Name Brand Ink Cartridges?

Choosing which cartridge to buy amidst the sheer mass of those available can be an extremely tough ask. For instance, should you go for the naturally more expensive name brand cartridge or the cheaper generic option? Fortunately, there is a very clear list of pros and cons for each of the respective options.

Why You Should Buy Generic Cartridges

Firstly, let’s define the options:

  • Generic cartridges are those ink cartridges designed by third party manufacturers for each respective printer.
  • Brand ink cartridges are designed by the print manufacturers for their own printers.

These two sets of cartridges are essentially the same thing. However, there is a considerable price difference between the two. It’s important to note that there is a lot of misinformation and many myths surrounding generic ink cartridges that are simply not true. For instance, generic cartridges will neither damage your printer nor affect any warranty you have on your purchased printer. Thus, in terms of reliability, generic cartridges offer the same as name brand cartridges so long as the generic replacement is intended for your specific printer.

Why You Should Buy Name Brand Cartridges

So what possible reason could there be to buy name brand cartridges? Firstly, it goes without saying that, because name brand ink cartridges are intrinsically designed for each respective printer by the manufacturers of the printer itself, they should function within the machine better and thus provide better quality prints. However, it has been noted that this difference is only evident when printing extremely high quality pictures. Although name brand cartridges are substantially more expensive, they could be worth the extra cost if you exclusively deal in specialised prints.

It can ultimately be seen that generic cartridges are not only significantly cheaper, but that they also do much the same job in terms of quality. Furthermore, as these third party generic manufacturers gain greater access to each respective printer’s cartridge design, they can be expected to improve in the future. As in most decisions generic, it comes down to quality over price. Running a few tests rather than listening to hearsay is generally your best option, allowing you to arrive at a conclusion that – price outdoes the quality required, or the alternative that – quality printing is key. Get in touch with us today and see just what options are available for your printer in both generic and brand name cartridges.

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