If you have a laser printer or a photocopier then you are using toner in order for the image you want printed to be converted onto paper. As cartridges can be quite expensive you need to educate yourself in order to make the best decisions when it comes to your cartridge needs.

Basic Information About Toner Cartridges

The most common mistake people make is thinking that toner is just another word for ink, but toner is actually a powder that is electrically charged and stored inside the cartridge. Printers that use toner work very different form printers that use ink. Toner printers make use of very different methods to get the image on the paper. Many are of the opinion that toner printed images look better than ink printed images but when it really comes down to it, the toner images are just more durable than images printed from ink.

How To Save Money On Toner

Even though the prices of printers seem to have dropped quite drastically over the past few years, cartridges can still be quite expensive. With all of the technological advancements we now use cartridges a lot more as we print images and documents from our phones and camera’s, and as businesses grow and expand so do their printing needs. There are three very efficient ways in which you can save money on cartridges:

h4. Look For Company Discounts And Offers

Some companies offer discounts to people who choose to become members and some give loyalty points to those who regularly purchase from them. A reputable toner supplier will have a website and it is advisable to join their website so you can regularly be updated about promotions and receive member benefits as well.

h4. Buy In Bulk

Some suppliers offer discount on orders above a certain price; this is definitely a fantastic reason to buy in bulk. Another benefit may be free delivery or a discount on delivery.

h4. Recycle Your Toner Cartridges

Recycling your cartridges is not only good for the environment but most suppliers offer you a discount when you bring back empty cartridges.

Common Problems With Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges create very high quality, durable images but every now again you might run into a problem. Knowing what causes the problem will enable you to get help and fix it. Common problems include the following:

h4. A Defective Toner Cartridge

If the pages you are printing come out dark or have vertical lines over them you need to call your cartridge supplier to assess the situation, and if you did in fact get a defective cartridge it needs to be replaced.

h4. A Misplaced Cartridge

A sign of a misplaced cartridge is when your images come out of the printer with horizontal lines or with continuous similar defects. Replacing the cartridge could fix this problem.

h4. A Leaking Cartridge

If a cartridge is leaking it will leave marks on the back of the page you printed. Call your supplier for help.

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