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Why do reusable cartridges come in four colours?

Inkjet printers are designed to use four-colour process printing. Learn more about what this is are as well as how it works to produce your printed document.

Individual Colour Cartridges vs Tricolour Cartridges

When buying a printer you need to make sure you're getting one that will suit your needs exactly.

Ways To Buy Ink and Toner To Save Money

Today if you are looking to buy a printer for your office or home, you are going to be surprised at just how cheap they sell for these days. They are deceptively cheap and one can often get the impression that because the printer is so cheap, so will the ink and toner that you will need for your printer be.

Bright Images with The Right Cartridge and Toner

All offices will probably need a cartridge and toner for their printers, and certainly every home that has a printer too. You get many different printer types as well as cartridges, and you will get every opportunity out there to buy the one that suits your printer when you are looking for good performance and good prices.

Sharp and Bright Images with Cartridges and Toners

Every office has cartridges and toners for their printer, and these days many homes have printers too. There are many different types of printers and printer cartridges, and there is every opportunity to get the one that suits you in terms of performance and price. Toner cartridges are used in laser printers and they are available directly from the printer company or you can also buy them on-line. Most people would like to purchase a cartridge from the manufacturer of their printer because of the guarantees that come with the cartridge as well as other advantages. However, the genuine units are expensive and people look at other cartridges and toners which are cheaper but which offer excellent results.

You Need A Toner That Is Compatible With Your Printer

If you have an office from your home or in another building, you will probably know all about printers and toners. You will also probably have come to realise just how expensive the toner can be, especially if you have a very busy printer.

Toners That Are Compatible With Your Printer

When you own a business at home or at the office, you will probably know that toners for your printers can be extremely expensive. If you have a very busy printer, you might need to replace the toner maybe once a month and it could be even twice a month. Because of this, business owners are always looking around to search for really cost effective ways of replacing these toners at the best prices they can find for them.

Toner and Ink Guarantees the quality of their Printing Products

There are many stores today where you can buy ink and toner for your printer and the challenging thing is knowing where to buy so that you enjoy quality services, quality products and good pricing. Toner and Ink is a Johannesburg one-stop shop for all your original and compatible cartridge needs, and they offer various delivery options which include same day deliveries prioritization.

Cartridges with Chips Inform You when Toner is Low

Laser printers are different to inkjet printers in that they use toner as apposed to liquid ink. The toner is made up of dyes, iron oxide and plastic resins. It is the plastic resins which causes the toner powder to turn into a solid mass that will cling to the paper. The toner can be either black or colour and the process of applying color toner is the same same as the process of applying black laser toner.

Cost Saving Attributes Of The Samsung Toner

Although toners can be expensive to replace the Samsung toner can help you make a lot of cost savings. Maintaining your printer will not cause any financial burdens because the toner cartridges that you use will be manageable. This unavoidable expenditure will be kept to a minimum and you will not regret the decision to buy the product.

This Is How You Save On Costs For Toners

Toners can be very expensive especially if the laser printer that you have lasts for a long time. The printer will naturally require the replacement of toner cartridges frequently as you use them regularly. This is an unavoidable expenditure but there are ways you can use to reduce the costs.

Samsung Toner Recycling

Modern life has become more technological and has also become more environmentally conscious, and Samsung has found a way to combine both of these concepts in one easy step by simply recycling Samsung toner cartridges.

What is the Difference Between Toner and Printer Ink

The simple difference between toner and ink is that toner is a powder used in laser printers and that ink is a liquid used in most other types of printers. Furthermore ink is shot directly onto the page and it normally takes a bit longer to print than a laser printer.

Laser Toner Cartridges yield Quality Prints

Printer toner was once carbon powder and later the carbon was combined with a polymer to improve print quality. In the first printers brought out, the toner was added to a reservoir in the machine whereas today a cartridge delivers toner to the printer.

Blends of Laser Toner Produce Different Print Results

Laser printers are different from inkjet printers, and the difference lies in the fact that the one printer uses ink while the other uses toner. Laser toner is a powder used to make the images on the paper. It is a powder used in laser printers to form the printed text or graphics on paper.

What is Printer Toner?

Have you ever wondered how printers work and how they actually print a picture on to a piece of paper? Well it is all the .work of the printer toner inside the printer. The toner is basically a simple powder that is used inside the laser printer to print text and images.

What is Laser Toner?

Laser toner is one of those very important but much overlooked things in the world. Because most people use it millions time a day and will not be able to get anything done without it, but still so few people know what it really is and how it works.

Toner Cartridges

Toner Cartridges, also known as Toners, are used in machines and equipment like photocopiers, printers and fax machines. Toner cartridges supply these machines with a dry powder or liquid substance called Laser Toner.

Buy Toner Cartridges Online

Our lives have become so advanced. Today we can purchase anything we want and need online. This has made our hectic lifestyles less stressful and made things a lot easier.


If you have a laser printer or a photocopier then you are using toner in order for the image you want printed to be converted onto paper.

Colour Laser Printers And Cartridges

More and more businesses are choosing to use colour laser printers and toner cartridges to meet their printing requirements. This is because laser printers can help your business to run more efficiently.

Toners Setting The Tone In The Printing Industry

Almost all computer owners know that buying a computer usually entails getting printer toners. For a laser printer you will need a toner cartridge. A toner cartridge will provide you with one of the very best types of print quality.

Replacing Your Toner Cartridge

Unlike printer ink cartridges, which contain liquid ink, a toner cartridge contains toner, a fine powder which is is used in laser printers and photocopiers to form the text and images printed on a page.

Toner Cartridges

Every machine needs one just depends on which one is right for the machine you have. If you put the wrong one in the machine, it that might cause problems with your machine.

Laser Cartridges, the Best Option for Precise Printing Work

Laser cartridges are the best option for giving the best printing quality and precise printing work.

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